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| August 20, 2012

The following Fresher Teacher Resume template and example, lists the information you need to include on your job application and send to the employer.

Resume Template
Fresher Teacher Resume Example
Email Resume Sending

Fresher Teacher Resume Example for Employment

You can use this resume sample for applying for some Teachers job position.

how to write Fresher Teacher Resume

Above is an image of Fresher Teacher Resume, that shows format and layot as guidelines for creating your one.

View or download as a MS Word file this Resume example, and make the appropriate changes with your information.

This resume explains how your qualifications and skills relate to the criteria listed in the job posting.

How to Create a Resume – Template

This is a resume format that will be useful for almost every job seeker.

Personal Information:

Type your name at the top center of your resume in bold. Use your full name – such as John C. Doe Jr. – because you’ll want to keep it consistent with all applications you complete, and most companies ask for your formal name on applications. Include your full address on the next two lines, including apartment number, city, state and zip code. Type your area code and phone number on the fourth line, and then include the email address you use most often on the next line. Use your main email address, so you’ll check it often and get back to employers immediately after they contact you.

Career Objective:

This way you can target it to the (for example Fresher Teacher) position you are applying for. Unless a job objective gives an employer a clear impression of the type of position you are seeking, it may be best to explain your objective in the cover letter. Another tactic is to have different job objectives for different career fields. Instead of trying to cover all bases with one statement, you can slant your objective towards a particular position.

Career Profile (Optional):

Include the list of your achievements, skills and expertise. If you have gotten an education from a great educational organization then it might prove to be a selling point for you.


You should include: dates (from – to), occupation or position held, employer’s name and locality (if relevant, full address and website), main activities and responsibilities, type of business or sector. In some situations, you may want to divide your experience into sub-sections. For example, if you are seeking a teaching job, and have both a teaching and business background, two separate headings-one “Teaching Experience” and “Additional Experience” may have more impact than a single heading. You should also include independent study or volunteer work if it is relevant to the job you want and provided you with significant skills and experiences. If you do include your volunteer work, do not describe if under a heading which implies you were paid.


List your education under your summary of skills and accomplishments. That way, employers can get an immediate snapshot of your skills, accomplishments and education. Remember, hiring managers scan resumes. List your most recent education first. For example, if you have both a master’s and bachelor’s degree, list the master’s degree first. Moreover, include the name of each institution and the year you graduated. If you’re a recent college graduate, include your grade point average, especially if it’s relatively high.


This is section of your skills and abilities. Be specific in discussing how you demonstrated your skills, and whenever possible, concentrate on the results you achieved in using particular skills. You might include: Communication skills, Organisational / managerial skills, Job-related skills, Computer skills, Other skills, Driving licence, etc.

Additional information:

– include those that demonstrate important abilities or characteristics in the workforce
– prioritize these elements (by dates or by relevance)
– include leadership positions


Use action verbs to describe job duties. Include Action Verbs keywords when writing your resume (objective, experience, education…).

An Email Resume Sending

In case of sending an email job application, include subject line: e.g. Fresher Teacher position – last name , attach your resume in some electronic format such as PDF or MS Word document, include a signature with your contact information at the end of email body. Email tip: Create job alerts at sites like to get relevant job ads emailed to you.

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