Elementary Principal Cover Letter

| August 20, 2012

You can take the time to review this Elementary Principal Cover Letter and then make sure that your letter explains how your skills relate to the criteria listed in the job posting.

Elementary Principal Cover Letter Example for Resume

You can use this letter template for applying for some Teacher job position.

Elementary Principal Cover Letter format example

View or download as a MS Word file Elementary Principal Cover Letter sample, and make the appropriate changes with your information.

Cover letter is a document, which presents you and your qualifications, skills, abilities and goals in life, in front of the employer.

How to Write a Cover Letter – Template

If you are writing a cover letter you should include:

Your Name and Contact Details:

Your name, email address and phone number at the top of the page on the right.

Date: Month, Day, Year

The name of the business and the contact person’s full name on the left
A reference line (e.g., “Re: Application for Administration Assistant position”)


Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. LastName:
(Include the company contact’s name if you have it. Otherwise use “Dear Sirs”)

Paragraph 1 – Introduction:

An opening statement that briefly identify what (Elementary Principal) job position you are applying for, and introduces you to the reader, mention that you have enclosed your resume.

Paragraph 2 and 3 – Description:

Refer to your resume if it is attached. Refer to your qualifications, experience and expertise. For example: Please find attached a copy of my resume. As you will note, I have a business degree and 8 years’ expertise leading … Now impress the employer with reasons why you are better suited than competitors. Example: I am ideally suited to this post because …(insert reasons).

Paragraph 4 – Closing:

It is important to end your letter in a courteous way. Reinforce your desire to be part of the organization, and politely request an interview. Provide your personal contact information and an appropriate time to call, in case the employer would like to reach you before you contact him or her. For example: I feel it would be the ideal place for me to begin my career and I believe I can be an excellent addition to your team. Having extensively researched your company’s values and products, I was especially interested in [insert company aspect that attracted you].

Yours sincerely,
(your resume)

Email Cover Letter tips

If you are sending your cover letter via email, you must include a Subject Line. Write your name and the (Elementary Principal) job title in the email subject line (e.g., John Doe-Application for Administration Assistant role). End the email with your full contact info below your printed name that includes your phone number, always send the email from a professional looking email address.

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